Help us design iMpackin 3.0 and get a iTunes Gift

Posted by michk under Features on Monday Jun 29, 2009

We are in the process of developing iMpackin version 3.0 to take advantage of the new features available in the new iPhone 3.0 OS.

We need your help to make it the best gun app in iTunes. What do you think we should add to iMpackin? How should we change it to make it more fun to play? Let us know what you think about the avatars, graphics and sound effects.

Tell us what you like about the current version of iMpackin and what you don’t like.

Any and all constructive suggestions will be taken seriously. If we use your idea - and you are the first to suggest it - we will send you a $10 iTunes Gift Email Certificate for FREE!

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iMpackin (Guns) FREE 1.2 Upgrade now on iTunes

Posted by michk under Features on Monday May 25, 2009

iTunes has just approved the latest upgrade of iMpackin (Guns) FREE. This new version has more avatars, weapons and gun sound effects. A demo/instructional video has also been added to this upgrade.


New iMpackin Free version submitted to iTunes

Posted by michk under Features on Monday May 18, 2009

We have just upgraded the free version of iMpackin and submitted it for approval to iTunes.

The new version has more avatars and gun sound effects. It also has a demo/instructional video.

iMpackin FREE 1.2 should be available early next week. Download version 1.1 today and get a free upgrade as soon as it is approved by iTunes.


iMpackin Pro Demo Video now on youtube

Posted by michk under Features on Saturday May 16, 2009

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iMpackin PRO now on iTunes - more avatars and more weapons!

Posted by michk under Features on Monday Apr 27, 2009

After 4 agonizing weeks waiting for word, we have just learned that  iTunes has approved  iMpackin PRO.   iMpackin Pro is a fun, exciting FX toy for Apple’s iPhone and iTouch.  This new app is full of awesome graphics and clear, realistic sound effects.   You can select from one of nine (9) avatars each with his/her own gun. Yes there are both male and female characters as well as animal characters.

Featured Weapons:

12 Gauge Double Barrell Shotgun
Tommy Gun
Gatling Gun
12 Gauge Pump Shotgun
Sniper Rifle
Colt 45

Download iMpackin PRO Today!

iMpackin Pro even has a rapid fire option with no reloading required. Shot until the iMpackin Gatling Gun becomes to heavy for your arms to bear.

The iMpackin Gang :

The iMpackin Gang

Download iMpackin PRO Today!
Avatar designs by Shawn Ross


iMpackin-FREE is now available on iTunes

Posted by michk under Features on Monday Apr 27, 2009

Apple has approved iMpackin-FREE today, it is now available for free download in iTunes.

iMpackin-FREE is the free version of iMpackin-PRO. iMpackin-PRO, soon to be released on iTunes, has 8 more characters and gun sound effects, stay tuned!


Submitting Our App to Appl

Posted by chrish under Features on Tuesday Mar 31, 2009

We are just about ready to submit the app to apple.. wow that sounds funny. Fingers crossed!

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